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Python module to analyze, study and analysis the intonation of musical intervals in music recordings.

FishFishJump can be a solution that only and primary for serps and supply several demos that unbiased deployment by applied Docker.

AvayaERSConnect’s primary intent is to hook up with any Avaya ERS Gadget through Telnet and carry out various administration operations conveniently, with no require to put in writing any Python code whatsoever.

material by merging it. Package deal incorporates simple techniques for changing po files into csv, ods formats and back again. Furthermore, it

A wrapper for lengthy-managing duties that iterate above a lot of things, printing helpful 'percentage done' messages to straightforward mistake.

A list of utility functions for Python the Commonsense Computing venture takes advantage of in many projects.

This module implements a very fast JSON encoder/decoder for Python, that also will serialize and de-serialize objects details within the style of pickle.

cfn-response is actually a micro package deal which exposes some helpers to speak with CloudFormation from within just python Lambda features.

A Instrument which allows you to create templates which might be expanded into full tasks or stubs quickly.

That is a Python binding for the tokenizer Ucto. Tokenisation is among the first step in Just about any All-natural Language Processing endeavor, but It is far from often as trivial a endeavor as it appears being.

CLE Masses All the things (at least, might binary formats!) and offers a Pythonic interface to analyze whatever they are and what they might seem like in memory.

a Python / numPy / sciPy bundle to perform calculations associated with line emission and thermal conduct in cold interstellar clouds.

A clone of Spotify's Luigi library with click here now a lot less capabilities and meant for workflows on a single equipment.

Celery backend for MongoDB that does not convert task results right into a binary format just before storing them in Mongo database.

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